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Aggregates Production Line

The aggregates production line is comprised of impact crusher, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, and other ancillary devices. Aggregates for highway construction application usually have stringent requirements to meet in terms of particle size distribution (gradation) and particle shape. That is why we have put so much effort in designing and manufacturing a specialized set of equipment for highway and railway construction use. The resulting aggregate production line not only has high production efficiency, low operation cost, and maximum productivity, but it is also capable of producing aggregates with particles of optimized gradation, uniform size, and standard, regular shape. As a matter of fact, the aggregates produced by our equipment have far exceeded the national standard for highway construction material.

Stone Crushing Line with Daily Capacity of 2500m3 in Luoping Town of Canton Province Large Scale Stone Crushing and Grinding Line in Yanmen Village of Hunan Province Aggregates Production Line with Daily Capacity of 1800t in Shiyaowan Village of Inner Mongolia.