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Concrete Batch Plant

HZS25 Series Concrete Batch Plant within Chuantong Village of Zhangjiaba Town in Sichuan Province
The HZS25 series concrete batching plant is the smallest equipment among all the series of batching plants. It is an automatic set of equipment that mainly comprises of feeder, batcher, mixer, electrical control, and steel framework.
This series of batching plant can come with either a separate mixer or an inline mixer. We recommend that customers have both two types mixers to ensure a normal mixing operation in the event of one mixer breaking down which may affect the project schedule.
Common uses of our HZS25 series batching plant are on the small-scale construction site, in the pre-cast concrete plant, and commercial concrete plant.

HZS35 Series Concrete Batching Plant in Changzhi City of Shanxi Province
The HZS35 concrete batching plant is a relatively small set of equipment that stores, conveys, measures, and mixes the aggregate, cement, pulverized coal, water, and liquid admixture, all in an automatic manner. It is often seen in the large-scaled ready-mix concrete production factory. According to the actual conditions of construction work site, the batching plant can be assembled in different ways.

HZS50 Series Porland Cement Concrete Batch Plant in Changzhi City of Shanxi Province
The HZS50 series Portland cement concrete batching plant comes with an automatic control system. It features a modular design that allows almost all the components to be separated and recombined quickly and easily. Fast installation and low maintenance and operation cost are the major benefits for its user companies. This medium-sized batching plant is specially designed for concrete batching applications on the highway, railway, road, bridge, and power plant construction site.

HZS75 Series Concrete Batch Plant in Leshan City of Sichuan Province
The HZS75 series concrete batching plant is a medium-sized set of equipment. The grand, spacious structure creates sufficient space for equipment repair and servicing. With a high handling capacity unmatched by its contemporaries, this concrete plant is well suited for use on the large to medium sized construction site as well as in the commercial concrete, concrete tubular pile, and pre-cast concrete factories.

HZS60 Series Concrete Batching Plant in Huaihua City of Hunan Province
The HZS60 series concrete plant is specially intended for commercial concrete manufacturing application. Available with a belt conveyor, this batching plant is most often seen on the pier, dam, railway, city road, airport runway, and precast concrete building construction sites.

HZS90 Series Concrete Batch Plant in Chengdu City of Sichuan Province
The HZS90 concrete plant is commonly seen at the commercial concrete production site. As a medium-sized batching plant, it is mainly comprised of feeder, batcher, mixer, and electrical control. Due to its large handling capacity, the batching plant is widely used in the medium- and large-scale construction project, precast concrete product plant, and commercial concrete factory.

HZS120 Series Concrete Batch Plant in Xi’an City
The HZS120 concrete batch plant is a heavy-duty set of equipment that is specially designed for commercial concrete applications. It is comprised of batcher, mixer, and electrical control. High batching efficiency is the primary benefit of this batching plant for users. This installation has been widely used on the large-scale construction site, pre-cast concrete factory, and commercial concrete plant.

HZS180 Series Concrete Batching Plant in Shanxi Province
The HZS180 series concrete batching plant can be often seen on the road, bridge, dam, airport, and seaport construction site. Urban commercial concrete manufacturers also use this batching plant for high productivity.