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Sand Making Machine

The sand making machine is essentially a vertical shaft impactor, which functions to break down gravels, cobble stones, and other large-size rocks. The resulting product can be used in highway construction and building industries. Depending on customer specific requirement, the machine can be reconditioned to produce the exact size of output product. Users can pair this machine with jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, and sand washer to form an integrated sand making line.

This series of sand making machine is suitable for crushing and shape forming soft or medium hardness materials. It is most often used to handle various ores, cement, refractory material, bauxite chamotte, emery, quartz sand, aggregates, metallurgical slag, and silicon carbide. Compared to other crushing equipment, the machine is more effective in destructing extremely hard, wear-resistant materials into finer gradation.

One primary use of our vertical shaft impactor is in the construction project, where it is utilized to produce sands, asphalt concrete, and cement aggregates.

Another use of the equipment is in the ore mining industry. Our sand making machine is able to prepare a large amount of pulverized ore for onward grinding process.

High wear resistance is one major benefit of our machine for the user company. That is also why the machine can be used to crush highly abrasive materials as well as for second crushing. In addition, the machine causes no product contamination and enables high product purity, which is required in quartz glass production.

Work Principle
The material is fed into the machine via feed hopper. The hopper contains a preliminary screening device that allows small-size particles that do not require crushing to bypass the complicated crushing stages and directly exit the crusher. The particles left on the screen then transports into the impeller chamber where vanes are spinning at a high speed.

Within the chamber, particles increase their speed at an acceleration hundreds of times the gravitational acceleration(symbolized g). Then they are shot off via the three flow channels that are evenly spaced apart around the circumference of the impeller shaft. After leaving the channel, particles impact with the liner plate in the grinding chamber. The liner plate bounces the particles upward at an incline, to the top of the impeller chamber where their flow direction is forced to change downward and particles fly into the impeller chamber for a second time. During the crushing cycle, particles in the crushing chambers form a continuous flow. This allows the particles to be impacted and broken form more than twice.

Main Features
1. With simple structure, this sand making machine costs little to repair and operate.
2. In addition to rock breaking, the machine also provides for fine crushing and coarse grinding.
3. High reliability and safety
4. Stable operation, little noise, high energy efficiency, and maximum size reduction ratio.
5. The sand making machine can handle materials with a maximum water content of 8%. Product resulting from the machine is available in cubical shapes and low bulk density. High product purity can be achieved with little iron content.
6. Highly wear-resistant materials are used to make the machine parts, resulting in a tool with long service life.
7. There are a few consumables that are made of extremely hard material. Those parts come in small volume and light weight, which facilitates parts replacement.

Technical Specification
Model Rotating Speed of Impeller (r/min) Max. Size of Starting Material (mm) Productivity (t/h) Power (kw ) Weight (t) Dimension (mm)
600 2000-3000 30 12-30 2 × 30 5.6 2800 × 1500 × 2030
750 1500-2500 35 25-55 2 × 45 7.3 3300 × 1800 × 2440
900 1200-2000 40 55-100 2 × 55 12.1 3750 × 2120 × 2660
900 1000-1450 40 65-130 2 × 75 13.6 3750 × 2300 × 2090
1050 1000-1700 45 100-160 2 × (90-110) 16.9 4480 × 2450 × 2906
1250 850-1450 45 160-300 2 × (132-180) 22 4563 × 2650 × 3716
1350 800-1193 50 200-360 2 × (180-220) 26 5340 × 2940 × 3650

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