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Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is commonplace on rock crushing job sites. Usually used to handle coarse materials, the crusher allows large-size particles to be crushed, delivering high processing capacity. Crushing jaws are cheap but sturdy, which means little money to be spent on replacement.

Integration of jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer mill, double roller crusher, vibrating feeder, and vibrating screen turns the crushing into a semi-automatic process. Typically, crushing stages are often followed by milling stages, if the material needs to be processed into finer particles in a grinder. The grinding operation is usually performed by a ball mill.

The jaw crusher is capable of handling a variety of coarse-, medium-, and fine-grained particles with maximum side length below 500mm, and compressive strength no more than 350MPa. These breakable materials include granite, limestone, and concrete. The crusher also provides many uses, in the highway construction, hydro-electric power, artificial aggregate, and stone crushing industries.

Other uses of the crusher are in the hydraulic engineering and building industries.
Distinguished by its exceptional performance and outstanding capability, our jaw crusher is able to break down large rocks into finer particles of uniform sizes. High throughput, simply structure, great reliability, easy repair, and little operation cost are the major benefits of the crusher for the user companies. Mining operations use this machine most frequently.

Our rock crusher incorporates all the desirable features of similar domestic and international brands into one. It is energy efficient and highly effective with the task of reducing large solid material objects into a smaller volume.

As a preferred equipment set used in the preliminary crushing process, the crusher can process feed stocks with a granule size ranging between 125mm and 750mm.

Work Principle
PE series jaw crusher consists of a set of jaws. One jaw is fixed to the front frame vertically or with its top slightly tilting outward. The other jaw is pivotably installed at an incline. The two jaws are parted wider at the top than at the bottom, forming a tapered crushing chamber. During the crushing action, the swing jaw is moved back and forth with respect to the fixed jaw, causing the closing and opening of the crushing chamber. When the swing jaw moves away from the fixed jaw, the feed stock enters the chamber. As the rock travels downward along the tapered chute, it gets smaller and smaller until it is small enough to pass the discharge opening. When the swing jaw is drawn near towards the fixed jaw, the rock is crushed, deformed, and broken.

The reciprocating motion of the swing jaw is driven by the pitman mechanism. Initially, the spin energy of the motor is transferred to the flywheel, which in turn causes the eccentric shaft to rotate. As the shaft is spun at a high speed, the spinning motion enables the pitman to move up and down. During this action, the swing jaw is drawn toward or away from the fixed jaw.

Main Features
1. Deep crushing cavity does not easily cause material jamming, and ensures a high throughput.
2. A baffle plate is installed at the discharge outlet to facilitate material flow rate control.
3. The lubricating system provides both safety and reliability. Crusher components require limited maintenance and are easy to replace.
4. Energy Saving: standalone crusher: 15%~30%
incline crusher: more than 100%
5. Discharge Opening Size Range: The size of the discharge opening can be adjusted to customer specific requirements.
6. Our jaw crusher produces little noise and dust.

Technical Specification
Model Parameter Motor Power (kw) Dimension (Length × width × height) ( mm) Weight (kg)
Size of Jaw Opening (mm) Size Adjustment Range (mm) Productivity (m3/h) Rotation Speed of Main Shaft (r/min)
PEF150×250 125 10-40 1-3 285 7.5 922×745×933 700
PEF200×300 165 20-70 2-8 265 11 1056×1100×1120 800
PEF250×400 210 20-80 5-20 310 18.5 1108×1142×1392 3000
PEF400×600 340 40-90 10-40 275 30 1700×1732×1392 7200
PEF350×750 290 30-55 20-50 300 37 1900×1806×1808 8900
PEF500×750 425 50-100 34-68 275 55 2050×1860×2145 11320
PEF600×900 480 75-200 40-120 255 75 2792×2168×2250 17600
PEF750×1060 630 80-200 80-160 250 90 4180×2560×3070 30530
PEF900×1200 750 100-200 110-200 250 110 5200×2900×3500 50000
PEF1200×1500 1020 150-300 220-400 180 160 4200×3300×3500 106000
PEX150×750 125 10-40 5-15 300 15 1220×1480×1180 3600
PEX250×1000 210 15-55 10-32 300 37 1580×1992×1380 7350
PEX250×1200 210 15-60 12-38 300 37 1530×2192×1380 8700
PEX300×1300 250 20-90 16-65 300 55 1930×2400×1747 11600
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